Afi Al Hasan PhD: FBICCAAA Chairman Of Community Out Reach

FBI Chicago Citizens Academy

Favorite hobby is truly outreach at a global level. Establishing avenues to provide various needs to the underprivileged including medical equipment, training toward employment building bridges between communities

I’m also truly blessed to have family, friends, and in-laws who are very supportive of my community outreach.

I am involved in the FBI Chicago Citizens Academy as chairman of the community outreach program.

The FBI Chicago Citizens Academy was established in the Chicago Division in 2003 as part of the Community Outreach Program. The purpose of the Academy is to establish and foster relationships and understanding between FBI representatives and the Chicago community. The success and local impact of this Academy have been tremendous. The Citizens Academy has given the community, civic, religious and business leaders, as well as media executives, the opportunity to find out how the FBI “does business.” Graduates have the opportunity to join the Alumni FBICCAAA upon graduation.

Through their coordinated community outreach efforts, the FBICCAAA emphasizes the mission, resources, and priorities of the FBI. Working with key FBI staff, volunteer leaders of the FBICCAAA, and its primary constituency, the FBICCAAA’s goals include:

Providing FBICCAAA’s alumni with opportunities to keep in touch with one another-and the FBI after they graduate;
Providing FBICCAAA’s development efforts with resources, training information and technical assistance supporting the use of best practices;
Promoting the importance of FBI Citizens Academies and FBI Citizens Academy Alumni organizations as community ambassadors educating local communities about federal law enforcement issues and challenges;
Provide the Chicago FBI Field Offices with volunteer/non-financial support in community outreach programs.

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