Do you ever think what if #education could be better?

Executive Summary

Our objective in this venture is to utilize innovation in technology and engineering for job creation here and in the region.  Research carried out in the area indicates the presence of a huge base of youth whose presence and energy could lay the foundation for a strong self-sustaining economic activity or become subservient to leadership from abroad. Leveraging this movement will be a challenge but one that is well worth the effort.

Part of the challenge is to discover how to engage young people in the education process. We believe that part of the secret lies in the combination of practical education and entrepreneurship.

In other words, it is crucial that we identify the components of a healthy entrepreneurial landscape and identify which of those we lack here – entrepreneurial culture, revolutionary learning environments that engage, motivate and inspire, leveraging technology, innovating at the home-grown level, world-class infrastructure, equity investors, accessibility to banking resources and loans, access to the global market, affiliation with global organizations and a keen eye on the future.

  1. Change thinking, inform behaviors and evolve the culture. Integrate entrepreneurship into the learning curriculum and celebrate successes and advancements.
  2. Gradually introduce the amalgam of formal education with entrepreneurship and innovation to the classroom. The principle should be that of the cradle-to-grave mentality of entrepreneurship and technological revolution in everything we do. The objective is to create a generation of work-ready scholars who keep learning and innovating through their lives
  3. Create an environment where business thinking and creativity permeates the work landscape.
  4. Create and create a “Silicon Valley” of any unified community where the world will come to innovate, create, think and evolve leveraging and replenishing unique resources. This will be based on welcoming and encouraging fresh ideas and challenging old thoughts.
  5. Build a society that embraces refined and high-minded thinking.
  6. Make learning fun, engaging and creative. There is no reason a learner cannot develop and operate a successful business while studying

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